3 Brands Who Have Tapped into Gen Z


By Haley Carter
New Business

While many brands continue to go after the ever-so targeted Generation Y (Better know as Millennials), other brands have realized that Millennials are getting old and Generation Z have billions of potential spending power. Because much of Gen Z is still unknown (the youngest members of the group are barely walking), brands have been hesitant to focus their efforts on the latest cohort of consumers. While it might be a daunting task to market towards a demo that is still highly ambiguous, brands that have tapped into the desires of Gen Z have been highly successful.

1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s recent rebranding effort has primarily focused on putting creativity into the hands of Generation Z. Through strong social media interaction and “being human”, Taco Bell has tapped into the realism and accessibility that Generation Z often seeks out in their brands.

“Chris Brandt, Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer, said the idea behind the campaign was to highlight how ‘there was a sea of sameness’ in fast-food breakfast…we’re pushing against that routine. We don’t want to look like everyone else.’” – AdAge

2. Converse

The Converse “Made By You” campaign is another strategy marketed towards teens. The concept of the campaign was inspired by converse fans who love to share photos of their customized sneakers.

“This isn’t a media campaign where we’re shouting to get people’s attention. It’s a bridge to get people to show what they’ve done”, says Ian Stewart, VP of Global Marketing at Converse.

Utilizing Instagram to reach and interact with their consumers, Converse has created a successful campaign by celebrating teen’s creativity and understanding Generation Z’s desire to customize.

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s made the list by being one of the very first brands to target Gen Z on a new platform—Snapchat. Compared to other social outlets, Snapchat is not one to have much advertising. By introducing a geo-filter that became accessible when the user was in close proximity to a Micky D’s, their brand was able to engage Generation Z in an entirely new way.

In addition to being a widely favored app among the Gen Z demo, Snapchat is also one of the fastest growing social platforms out there. When the McDonald’s filter appeared on user’s stories, they were able to advertise for MD by sharing personal stories with the filter.