Do What You Love


By Cait Buser

Associate Creative Director (Art)

At the Accepted Students Day for my undergraduate college, a marketing professor bluntly asked me “What do you love to do?” I was not prepared to answer his question, nor had anyone ever asked me that before, point-blank. I really didn’t know. I knew what I had an interest in and what I was good at, but I never really thought about what I was truly passionate about until that moment.

My immediate reaction was graphic design. I picked up my first pen tool when I was 15 and haven’t put it down since. I use graphic design for almost everything that can be visually represented. However, I realized it’s not my one true love. The thing that I really get a high off of is people’s reactions to what I create. As self-absorbed as it may sound, I love impressing people with my art and making them say, “wow.”

After taking that same probing professor’s Strategic Marketing class a year later, I wanted to revise my answer. I was head over heels in love with advertising. I wanted to do more than just impress my peers with my latest package design homework; I wanted to change people’s perceptions and make them feel something. Advertising has the ability to overcome someone with inspiration, give people unbelievable experiences, and bring people together in a time where it seems like we are drifting further apart.

With advertising, creating is taken to a whole other level of impacting people. I have always been an artistic creator, but what I love about advertising is the fact that you can combine so many people’s ideas, talents, personalities, and ingenuity into something far more impressive than a good design. Something that can make the world say “wow”, and that’s a pretty powerful thing.