Why Being Young in the Ad Industry is So Great


By Talia Nutting
Associate Creative Director (Copy)

As an advertising student in COM, if you don’t spend at least one summer interning, you’re doing something wrong. The pressure to apply for internships can be overwhelming, but in the long run, a summer spent in the ad industry is enough to hook someone for life. Immersing yourself in an environment of creative minds and downright fun people is the dream, and interning is the first step in making that dream a long-term reality.

However, in the day to day routine of being an intern, and being a full-time employee, we risk forgetting what drew us to the industry in the first place. Last month, Chicago-based agency Leo Burnett offered its own commentary on the matter. In this video spot, we follow intern Andrew (aka the intern of Bloor Street) as he starts an internship at Leo Burnett and gawks at all of the cool shit that he gets to do. His innocence is admirable, and his optimism is slightly unbelievable, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t hate being him.

So, let’s review. What is actually so great about the advertising industry?

  • You get to come in to work whenever you want (kind of).
  • There’s always free food. Everywhere.
  • There’s a ton of other free stuff (read: booze).
  • The freedom to wear what you want, take breaks when you want, and say want you want.

So when the days seem to last forever and you get stuck doing the bitch work, remember the little (but awesome) things that make your job so great. And believe me, the days will get long, and you will have to do the bitch work. But just trust that it’ll be worth it.